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  • How to pay an employee with disability?

    20 January 2015

    Disabled employees with 1st and 2nd groups of disability who work 35 hours a week are paid for full working week – 40 hours. If a 2nd group disabled was obliged by the MREK’s decision to work part-time in this case he is paid only for the time he had actually worked. Calculation of hourly (daily) basic rate for 1st and 2nd groups disabled is made by dividing monthly rate by the norm hours of shorter working week.

  • Employment of the person with disability of 2nd group

    26 June 2012

    Citizen E, born in 1974 is a 2nd group disabled; he lives together with his retired mother. Practically, the family lived for 2 pensions: mother’s retirement pension and son’s disability pension. The mother’s pension is very small, because she had worked for half of wage rate, in order to have time to take care of her disabled son. The income didn’t let the family to pay all the expenses: food, household running costs, rehabilitation and medicines.