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What should you do if you are not given an extra holiday?


The Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus from July 26, 1999 №296-3 regulates issues connected with leaves without pay. So, according to art 189, employer has to give an unpaid leave lasting up to 14 days to some categories of employees, including disabled people, working at production, in shops and special working places for disabled. The wish of an employee to get an unpaid leave is made in the form of written application for leave.

If the employer doesn’t grant the unpaid leave notwithstanding numerous applications for leave provided by the art 189 then an employee has the right:

  • To apply to the bodies considering individual labour disputes with the complaint in order to make the employer grant the leave.
  • To apply to the bodies controlling the observance of labour legislation (for example to the Department of state labour inspection of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection), which have the right to give the employer a special order and to make him answerable for violating the art. 189 of the Labour Code.
  • To practically go on leave when till the end of the period during which the leave has to be granted there is the same amount of days as the amount of leave’s days the employee has the rights for.