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  • Mom: “To study together with peers is a chance to understand the world better”

    4 September 2014

    - My son Ivan is 10 years old. He has such a type of autism that is called severe but at the same time he has a huge hidden potential. But in order for him to study special adapted to his demands conditions have to be created, special methods recognized all over the world should be used for socialization and teaching. It will give my son a possibility to show his talents and successfully adapt – Tatiana Golubovich the coordinator of parent initiative of the capital’s school № 5 starts her story. – Each such kid has a huge potential and they need assistance to unlock it.

  • “We are valued not only for criticizing but also for making recommendations”

    2 September 2014

    In what cases is joint work a great way to integration? Why do we talk not only about people with disabilities when we are talking about accessibility? What services can NGO render? We are trying to find answers to these questions together with a representative of organization “APEIRONS” Ivars Balodis who together with his team came to Belarus to participate in Accessibility Week – 2014.

  • To sign with your heart: organizations claim about their responsibility and wait the same from the government

    22 August 2014

    Чаму арганізацыі лічаць важным падпісаць Мемарандум аб далучэнні да Канвенцыі аб правах інвалідаў, разважаюць прадстаўнікі грамадскай супольнасці.

  • Russian specialists created accessibility map of Minsk metro

    22 August 2014
    This is a unique character of the project: evaluation of the environment was made by specialists but not by volunteers. Using the created by them evaluation instrument they inspected 29 stations of Belarusian metro. It is important to notice that accessibility is considered as a continuity of a route but not as a complex of separate elements which can or cannot be connected with each other. In the latter case we can say that you can just go by train from the first to the last station of the line but cannot use it in full measure as an accessible transport. 
  • Summing up the results and inviting to join the next Accessibility Week

    7 August 2014

    This year the Accessibility Week took place for the second time and lasted from June 1 to June 15 2014. The peculiarity of this year’s event was that activities took place not only in Minsk but also in other cities of Belarus: Grodno, Kobrin, Zhitkovichi, Lida, Smorgon, Baran, Bobruisk.

  • “It will take not less than 20 years to forget about institutions for disabled in Belarus”

    7 August 2014

    Not so long ago in Belarus information campaign “Inclusion of persons with disabilities to local community” has started; it promotes the concept of independent living outside institutions. Because we have just started we should consider the possibility to get acquainted with the experience of foreign countries and to choose the best practices for our country. Today we will talk with a social worker of the Danish organization “European House” Line Petersen.


  • Things that will revive state program on integration

    Things that will revive state program on integration

    29 July 2014

    Such topics as how to accept a person with disability without trying to change him, how to make laws work and make people play the main role and not to be just a topic of a discussion were discussed at the round table devoted to a new state program for 2016-2020.

  • Latvian colleagues offer to create accessibility map of Belarus

    Latvian colleagues offer to create accessibility map of Belarus

    11 July 2014

    - Even in Latvia it is difficult to say about 100% accessible environment, people call us all the time, even from other countries and ask where they can get without barriers, – says the head of the council of the organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons” Ivars Balodis. – That is why such an app for android and iphone is very useful – it helps to have all the necessary information about accessibility of environment on your mobile.

  • Making training accessible for all

    7 July 2014

    As a rule before every training participants fill in forms where they mention their gender, age, contacts and describe their interests. At this stage we can already find out if the participants of your training have special needs. In order to find out you just need to include to the form such questions as “Do you have special nutrition needs?” or “Do you have special needs or wishes?”. By paying attention to such moments you will avoid accidents and will be respected by people for whom it is really important to have an opportunity to order a vegetarian pizza or to have wide aisles in the conference hall.

  • Holiday of children’s smiles took place in Minsk

    23 June 2014

    Children’s holiday “Light your star” took place in Gorky Park in Minsk. Funny games and quizzes, fair of handmade souvenirs, communication with interesting people were just a part of surprises prepared by the organizers for their guests. The holiday became a reason to meet and to communicate with children many of whom have a disability to meet with their peers from different parts of Belarus.

    Specialists of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities offered guests of the holiday to “sign with their heart” the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

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