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Office for the rights of persons with disabilities at the round table “Partnership without limitations”


On January 27th the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities took part in round table “Partnership without limitations”, organized by the office of the International Children’s Fund.

The main goal of the event was the raise of the potential and the effectiveness of organizations working for persons with disabilities through the involvement of interested parties and partnership development.

The event was planned as the place for meeting of the graduates of ICF programs for the exchange of experience and discussing joint problems and interests, for invitation to joint actions and planning joint programs.

The speaker for the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities was the Office’s coordinator Sergey Drozdovskiy. In his statement Mr. Drozdovskiy mentioned the importance of such initiatives: “It is very important to hold such events, in order to give people working in the sphere of the problems of persons with disabilities the possibility to meet, discuss current problems and to share the experience”. He also stated that we shouldn’t limit only by the ideas inside the coalition of disability sector, it is important to use the open possibilities of the coalition not only among the organizations of persons with disabilities. For example, the CSO National Platform of the Eastern Partnership is open for entering.

During the round table everybody could tell his point of view, tell about the experience of partnership. The needs of education and resources were also analyzed. At the end the common goals were defined and the plan of joint activity for the future was created.