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Medical, social and legal models – what is the difference?


First class took place at School on the rights of persons with disabilities which is aimed at raising legal awareness in the sphere of the rights of persons with disabilities and protection of theirs rights.

The topic for the first seminar was “Disability: development of understanding from patient to citizen”, which is an introductory one and explains the main notions and problems in the sphere of disability in Belarus today.

According to the coordinator of the educational program, the jurist of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities, Lilia Volina the participants of the seminar got the understanding of different models of disability, of fundamental difference of medical and social models and of the approach prevailing in our country. They also got acquainted with the HR defence model and understood why it is important to develop this direction.

You still have a possibility to join and become a student of the School on the rights of persons with disabilities! We invite representatives of NGOs and initiative groups, state institutions and organizations, persons with disabilities, students and other people who are interested in this topic.

The School represents a series of 8 one-day seminars devoted to a definite topic. Every applicant can take part in one seminar or in several, or in all 8 seminars.

You can get more information here.

The educational program is initiated by the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities.