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How to write a regional road map on implementation of international standards.


A manual “22 steps to the strategy of equal possibilities provision for persons with disabilities in local communities” has been placed in “Resources” on our website. It was translated from Polish into Belarusian language. The authors - P. Todys, M. Peretiatkowicz.

A technology of working out and realization of agendas (road maps) in implementation of international standards of human rights of persons with disabilities at the level of local communities, goals and strategies of local agendas, tools of cooperation for their realization in order to achieve equality, respect and realization of human rights of persons with disabilities are described in it. Polish experience in realization of the concept of working out local agendas is presented in the manual.

The manual has a practical value for representatives of local authorities and national, social, educational, medical and cultural organizations which work in local communities, civic business organizations, all interested in it civic activists, educational establishments and specialists of the social sphere.

Download the manual (in Bel).

Prepared in the frames of the campaign “Agenda 50” financed by the European Union.