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Employment of the person with disability of 2nd group


Citizen E, born in 1974 is a 2nd group disabled; he lives together with his retired mother. Practically, the family lived for 2 pensions: mother’s retirement pension and son’s disability pension. The mother’s pension is very small, because she had worked for half of wage rate, in order to have time to take care of her disabled son. The income didn’t let the family to pay all the expenses: food, household running costs, rehabilitation and medicines.

E. many times applied to his district executive committee, to the deputy of the local Council of Deputies and to the public employment service, in order to get help in employment. In public employment service he wasn’t registered as unemployed, they explained it by the fact that he got disability pension.

In September 2011 Office for the rights of persons with disabilities applied to the district executive committee where E. lives with the request to help in his employment. It was very important for him to find a job, because he would get the possibility earn a living with his labour and as the result he would feel the involvement in the main vital activity sphere – labour. The existing legislation of the Republic of Belarus became the ground for the appeal.

At the end of September we got the answer from the district executive committee: the appeal by E. on his employment was considered and taken off the control, because he was accepted for employment in accordance with the order issued by the employer. The date in the order of employment was the same as in the official answer.

The result of jurists’ of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities work is: citizen E. was employed as the leading engineer for safety to one of his city’s enterprises and has the possibility to realize his right to labour.