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Belarus became the first country in Europe to print UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Brail


It became possible to make the convention accessible to blind people thanks to work of the Informational center of NGO “BelTiz”. A part of the printed copies was sent to organizations working with visually impaired people and interested persons another part was distributed by the UN representation including during international topical events – seminars and conferences.

According to the deputy chief of “BelTiz” Mikhail Antonenko informational center has been working since 2014 and any person with visual impairments can ask to translate for him some printed information to a convenient format: Brail, audio file or a file with tactile graphics.

We want to male information accessible and are ready to adapt not only professional or educational information but also the information for personal use. The only limit is the number of pages and you can get all the information about it at the infocenter.

Information for people with vision disabilities, heads and specialists of organizations working with visually impaired people is adapted for free. The algorithm is very simple: you write an application in any form for converting a document you need into a convenient for you format, state your personal and contact information, the needed format and send the application, Infocenter’s staff consider your application and tell you about the decision. In case if the answer is positive after the conversion they will offer you a way to get the information. More precise information on filing the application you can get here

Such infocenters exist in many countries of Europe, for example, in neighboring Poland. Such infocenter for the support if students with different types of disabilities was created in Warsaw university which is one of the most popular in the country and is positioning itself as a “university for all”.

According to the creator of the infocenter Pavel Vduvik (a blind university’s graduate) – specialists and volunteers are working in our center and they are ready to help you in your studies. You can ask for the help of a signer if you have hearing impairments. If you have visual impairment specialists will voice a textbook and a student can print it in Brail using special printer of take a scanner helping to read pages. Student who has difficulties moving around can ask for a course of orientation in space: they will be given assistance in better orienting in university and the most comfortable routes will be prepared from their apartment to university and back etc.

Specialists pay attention to the fact that disability is not a reason to get some benefits during studies. A higher education establishment is obliged to make education accessible for all. Belarusian infocenter also help to widen possibilities of students and all other people interested in participation in public life.