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The story of a ramp


The Kaspirovichs, a family of a serviceman, have a daughter Karina, who is a disabled with the 4th degree of health loss. The norms of barrier-free environment were not observed in the house where they live – there were no ramp or special lift for disabled. That is why Karina had lots of problems: she couldn’t spend time at fresh air, communicate with other children or simply go out of the apartment. 

The administration of the military unit, where the father is serving, appealed to the local authorities with the question about building the ramp for the family. But they received a letter where it was written that the authorities do not refuse to build a ramp of lift, but it would cost them lots of money. They also offered servicemen of the military unit to pay the part of money needed for building the ramp. The family appealed to the “Office for the rights of persons with disabilities”. After the Office’s employees worked on the case the authorities promised the family to find the money for building the ramp in the last quarter of 2011, in case it wouldn’t be possible to find the money in 2011 the money would be planned by the budget 2012. At the beginning of summer 2012 the local authorities allocated funds for building the ramp. Two month later the ramp was ready. But it was very uncomfortable, without the bend and rounding. It is completely unfit for moving of a person with weak health” – says Karina’s mother. 

“I couldn’t even imagine that it is such a problem to get what is guaranteed by the law – says Liubov Mikhailovna, Karina’s. – It is an absurd situation which would have never finished if our family didn’t appeal to public and press. Only then, after holiday “Dazhynki” was held, the authorities allocated 40 million rubles for building the ramp. But they built in such way that it could be used only by some trained athletes. A person with disability, especially a weak girl, can’t use it on her own. But the fact they had built it is a huge relief. Now I can go out of the house with Karina – I have enough strength to use the ramp. Before it we needed the help of at least two men.”

Evgeniy Shevko, the participant of coalition “Accessibility”, the head of the Republican association of wheelchair-bound disabled comments on the situation: “Almost 100% of ramps, which are built after the request of a disabled person (without the construction project), are constructed in such a way that a disabled can’t use it. In the majority of cases the ramps, built with the construction project, are constructed with violations. The violations are made by construction workers. Such ramps fit for the limited number of wheelchair-bound disabled. The principle is the following: if you are very strong and healthy wheelchair-bound disabled you will use it, if not – ask somebody for help”.

Today the Kaspirovichs dream about electric motorized wheelchair. Some of you can think that it is a very expensive treat. But Karina’s parents consider it to be the primary necessity because Karina’s life is just beginning and she shouldn’t spend it within four walls the only exit from which is the unfit ramp.