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  • “We have to move towards universalism of the environment – it will be comfortable for all”

    23 March 2015

    We are starting to prepare for “Accessibility Week – 2015” the main events of which are planned for April. We offer, together with the participants of the last Accessibility Week, to recollect what had been done, what useful things we shared during the last event and what topics should be covered better. If you have something to say and want to join the preparation or have any ideas which hwill make the Week more qualitative write to our email [email protected].

  • "Acting with unlimited possibilities": main results

    11 March 2015

    Realization of own projects, raise of motivation and faith in own powers are the main results of the program “Acting with unlimited possibilities” which has been finished lately. Lilia Volina the program’s coordinator and an employee of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities will tell us about the difficulties and successes of the program.

  • Tina Farni: “We need to share experience and specialists”

    5 March 2015

    In order to expand the accessibility of environment and make the use of the principles of the Convention of the rights of persons with disabilities more common there is a need to establish cooperation between specialists in post-soviet countries, - considers the head of the Russian branch of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Tina Farni.

  • Defectologist: “We have to move from integrated to inclusive education”.

    26 February 2015

    Teacher-defectologist Evgenia Dailidenok had been working for 3 years in integrated class of Ozerets kindergarten of Glubokskiy district (Vitebsk Oblast). She considers that in educational process a lot depends on a teacher and that we should move from integrated education to inclusive.

  • Art in an institution for disabled promotes inclusion

    12 February 2015

    Handicrafts made by people with disabilities from Svir institution in Poland soon will be sold in designer shops in Belarus. Specialists assure that these works have not only spiritual but also art value. 

  • Mother: “A lot depends on the teacher”

    9 December 2014

    – It was really difficult at first. She came home in tears and complained that she was bullied but now it’s OK. She goes to school by herself, she made some friends – Svetlana, Nastia’s mother shares her story. Nastia is a girl with disability who studies in a common class with other kids.

  • Director of “Inva-auto-service”: “Everything is possible if you don’t sit on your hands”

    2 December 2014

    Office for the rights of persons with disabilities continues a series of interviews with employers who are ready to employ PWDs or have already done it. This time we visited an interesting person – the director of “Inva-auto-service” Alexander Makhortov. In his repair shop cars are equipped with manual control. He is a very interesting and enterprising person: started his own business and is planning to realize another business idea. He plays wheelchair basketball and considers that the main thing is not to give up.

  • “Acting with unlimited possibilities”: projects working for a good cause

    13 November 2014

    Even in the capital of our country there are not enough special conditions for persons with disabilities. There are a lot of problems in Oblast centers and there is no need to talk about the conditions in small towns. The program “Acting with unlimited possibilities” which is being realized by the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities and School of leaders (Poland) helps active people to solve local issues and realize useful projects. The program “Acting with unlimited possibilities” was created a year ago but nevertheless its participants managed to organize several projects aimed at assisting PWDs. Its second year graduates are not just following the steps of their predecessors but they are looking for new ways of their ideas realization. They presented their initiatives on October 25-26 2014 at the final meeting of all the participants.

  • Director: “Stereotypes prevent disabled from employment although sometimes applicants are not ready to work according to schedule”

    5 November 2014

    The director of commercial structure “Hypermarket of services 124” Igor Striga doesn’t hide the fact that the main goal of his company is to earn money, but at the same time adds: “There are no slacks to people with disabilities during employment process and work”. More than 20 years ago he became a wheelchair-bound person himself and considers that by employing persons with special needs he is working for prospects. We will know from the first hands how they manage to be the best in their business having more than 70 percent of disabled employees.

  • “People among People!” in Polotsk: information to children about persons with disabilities

    30 October 2014

    Polotsk pupils are told about life of persons with disabilities. “People among People!” – is a series of information events held in Polotsk schools with the support of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities (Belarus) and “School of leaders” (Poland) by two local NGOs – association of parents raising children with disabilities “Strumok” and sport club of young disabled “Prometei”. Initiators of the program Natalia Pronkina, Sergei Butko and Svetlana Maslovskaya told why there was a necessity in such meetings and how pupils understand information about persons with disabilities.

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