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  • Medical, social and legal models – what is the difference?

    28 October 2015

    First class took place at School on the rights of persons with disabilities which is aimed at raising legal awareness in the sphere of the rights of persons with disabilities and protection of theirs rights.

  • Office asks the Ministry of Justice to include its representative to the commission monitoring the situation with prison conditions

    17 August 2015

    Office for the rights of persons with disabilities sent an official letter to the Ministry of Justice with a request to include a representative of the organization to the republican public monitoring commission under the ministry. 

  • Natalia Gromadskikh: “There are no problems, only solutions”

    9 June 2015

    Natalia Gromadskikh the director of consulting company in the sphere of strategic PR-communications “PR Institute” agreed to share her experience with employers. During the topical HR-meeting held in the frames of the Accessibility Week – 2015 with representatives of different companies and firms she told about her seeing of the working process and relations in labour collectives where people with disabilities work.

  • Информационный бюллетень (май, 2015)

    4 June 2015
    Вышел в свет 34-й номер бюллетеня Офиса по правам людей с инвалидностью. Последние новости, актуальные интервью и волнующие вопросы! Скачать


  • Capacity: formalism, absence of individual approach and deprivation of civil rights.

    29 May 2015

    Today the world community understands that disability is not just a problem of a person’s health but a discrimination issue of access to human rights. Today this access can be more difficult because of disability. By the way, one of the key messages that should be promoted in Belarusian law should be the message of importance of achieving independence and integration into society by every concrete person.

  • How to make environment more accessible?

    19 May 2015

    Social experiments, interactive games, mobile exhibitions and mobile apps – these are only few examples of using different tools helping to expand accessibility in different spheres. Participants of the Accessibility Forum got acquainted with activities of NGOs and social organizations in Belarus in the frames of the Accessibility Week – 2015.

  • Bruce Bucknell: “Accessibility is more an issue of will than resources”

    5 May 2015

    The grand opening of the Accessibility Week – 2015 took place on April 24 and at the same time the exhibition of posters “Accessibility is -…” opened for visitors in Gallery TUT.BY

  • Exhibition of posters “Accessibility is -…” opens in Minsk

    24 April 2015

    Exhibition of posters “Accessibility is -…” opens in the frames of annual Accessibility Week in Minsk. Exposition will be opened for everyone from April 24 till April 30 in Gallery TUT.BY (Minsk Derzhinskogo av. 57) the entrance is free.

  • Mother: “It wasn’t easy to protect the right for common school but we haven’t regretted”.

    21 April 2015

    Andrey (the names are changed) went to a usual kindergarten and now goes to common school in spite of Down syndrome. Specialists insisted on studying at home but his mother (she has two other children) wasn’t afraid of difficulties and protected the right of her son to study at a common school. Today the boy studies just a little bit worse than his peers and according to the mother everyone at school is in good relations with him.

  • Accessibility Week 2015 will take place on April 24-30

    21 April 2015

    Accessibility Week will be held in Belarus for the third time and the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities is its initiator. “From accessibility to equality” – is the key slogan of the Accessibility Week which hasn’t lost it topicality during the years the Accessibility Week has been held.

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