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  • Public describes the main disability issues

    5 May 2016

    Today on International day for equal rights of people with disabilities and against disability discrimination a number of NGOs presented Zero Report. 

  • Traditional Accessibility Week to take place in Belarus on April 28 – May 6

    22 April 2016

    Office for the rights of persons with disabilities from April 28 till May 6 for the fourth time is holding Accessibility Week – a number of events devoted to the topic of elimination of any barriers preventing people with disabilities from living a full life. This year open discussions, round tables, meetings with experts, topical film shows, exhibitions and lectures will take place in Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Bobruisk, Novopolotsk, Volozhin and Polotsk.

  • Agendas helping to realize the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities will be prepared for the regions

    1 March 2016

    Office for the rights of persons with disabilities launches a new campaign “Agenda 50”. It has been planned and will be realized together with the international consortium “EuroBelarus”, Center for European Transformation, TUS (Poland) and NGO “European house” (Denmark).

  • Can people with disabilities vote and be elected?

    8 February 2016

    This issue has often been raised lately in European countries. Every year European countries introduce something new to election process making it more accessible for potentially discriminated groups including people with disabilities. They still have lots of problems in this sphere but they also understand that: participation of people with disabilities in political life is an important indicator of accessibility and democracy of the country on the whole.

  • Belarus became the first country in Europe to print UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Brail

    26 January 2016

    It became possible to make the convention accessible to blind people thanks to work of the Informational center of NGO “BelTiz”. A part of the printed copies was sent to organizations working with visually impaired people and interested persons another part was distributed by the UN representation including during international topical events – seminars and conferences.

  • Freedom drive – unique experience for Belarus

    26 January 2016

    Hundreds of persons with disabilities came out to streets of Brussels. The event was organized by ENIL. Its representatives want officials and people responsible for decision-making in EU to know about barriers persons with disabilities face every day.

  • Will a class accept a freshman with disability?

    26 January 2016

    A unique research has been held in Belarus for the first time: sociologists found out to what degree young people are tolerant to people with disabilities. The results of the research are planned to use in programs of inclusive education. We remind you that in September 2015 our country has accepted a Concept on inclusive education.

  • Office for the rights of persons with disabilities starts a new stage of “Deinstitutionalization” campaign

    25 January 2016

    More than two years ago the Office has launched a campaign in Belarus aimed at reforming the existing forms of social support. The idea is to understand and analyze if people with disabilities are able to live independently in local communities and to find out what is needed for positive changes.

  • Preparation of Zero report on realization of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities begins in Belarus

    2 December 2015

    On the International day of people with disability December 3 the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities announces about the intention of a number of NGOs to declare a Memorandum on cooperation in order to prepare alternative Zero report on conditions with rights of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Belarus.

  • Public prepares a zero report on realization of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

    30 November 2015

    This document records the situation in the sphere of disability at the moment of signing by Belarus of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. In spite of the fact that the document will not have any legal force in the future it can become a starting point for preparation of official reports by the state.

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