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Office for the rights of persons with disabilities presents: “Business possibilities for persons with disabilities in Grodno”


Office for the rights of persons with disabilities invites to the meeting “Business possibilities for persons with disabilities in Grodno”. The event will take place on February 29 in Grodno. Pyshki woodland park, Kronon Park Hotel. Beginning at 12.00, registration beginning at 11.30.

The results of the project “Small business – big opportunities” will be summarized, the participants of the project will present their ideas. The guests will hear the speeches of experts in the sphere of business, representatives of state bodies and NGOs working with persons with disabilities.

The coordinator of the project “Small business – big opportunities” Galina Krot says about the project: “The project “Small business – big opportunities” is held in the frames of informational campaign “Accessibility”. The goal of the project is to get rid of barriers and stereotypes in the sphere of employment of persons with disabilities. Social politics of the state for persons with disabilities is aimed at integration of disabled to the society through the rehabilitation process, providing employment, realization of the rights for labour. But it is more difficult for some groups of citizens to realize the right for labour than for other groups. Persons with disabilities is one of such groups. The law of the Republic of Belarus “On social protection of disables in the Republic of Belarus” says that in order to realize creative and productive abilities of disabled and taking into account individual programs of rehabilitation they are provided with the right to work at employers with common labour conditions, special organizations, organizations using the labour of disabled, to be involved in entrepreneurship and other activity not prohibited by the law. But employers even in the presence of benefits and preferences are not willing to employ persons with disabilities because of psychological discomfort (it is not comfortable to demand something from a disabled) and because of high demands of personal rehabilitation programs (very often it is needed to create a special working place for a disabled or to provide him with extra benefits and preferences). The project “Small business – big opportunities” provided active people willing to start their own business with opportunities to get necessary skills and advices, gave them the possibility to create the business plan for their project”.

We remind that the project for persons with disabilities “Small business – big opportunities” started in the end of January in Grodno and Grodno oblast. The project is aimed at the development of ideas on creation of small business for employment persons with disabilities and the realization of their right for labour. During the project the participants got practical tool necessary for the successful start in business.

You can get additional information about the project and to get the accreditation to the meeting “Business opportunities for persons with disabilities in Grodno” by phone +375296995087 (Galina Krot).

Phone for mass-media +375259090602 (PR specials of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities Taisia Pastukhova). E-mail [email protected]