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New project of the “Office for the rights of persons with disabilities” “Monitoring of barrier-free environment” has started


In June 2012 the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities has started to realize a new project “Monitoring of barrier-free environment”. The project is aimed at the creation of the instrument of monitoring barrier-free environment and its usage. In the frames of the project the coalition “Accessibility” and invited experts will hold the analyses of existing barrier-free environment monitoring instruments; prepare “Guide to holding monitoring of barrier-free environment”; test the monitoring instrument; present the results of the project to the public. 

Term “barrier-free environment” is used by mass-media very often as “the important factor in the life of persons with disabilities”. Construction and beautification of facilities accessible for persons with disabilities is the goal and obligation of the state and authorized bodies. State program “State program on the creation of barrier-free living environment for physically weak persons for 2011-2015” was adopted, as well as many other normative acts on construction norms and rules. But the documents are very difficult for understanding by persons without special education. The realization of the abovementioned document’s provisions will help to raise the effectiveness of the measures aimed at the creation of barrier-free environment not only for persons with disabilities, but for young parents, cyclists, elderly people and other categories of citizens. 

We invite the interested in cooperation organizations to take part in the project “Monitoring of barrier-free environment”. You can get all the necessary information on the issue at the “Office for the rights of persons with disabilities” from the project manager Galina Krot. (+375172560829).

In 2011 the Office became the initiator of the creation of the network of organizations who fight for the implementation of the idea of accessibility – coalition “Accessibility”. The members of the coalition are the following organizations: Office for the rights of persons with disabilities, Republican association of wheelchair-bound disabled, NGO “Disabled with back injures”, NGO “Belarusian society of disabled”.