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National mass-media write little and superficially about employment of persons with disabilities


These are the results of a new research held by specialists of the Centre for European Transformation and the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities. Employment of persons with disabilities is covered in less than a fourth of all the publications about disability. These results were obtained after the analysis of national mass-media – printed and internet. By the way, the research was held with the participation of such printed mass-media as “AIF”, “Belorusy I Rynok”, “Respublika”, “SB – Belarus Today”, BelGazeta”, “Delo” and many others.

In spite of the fact that many of these mass-media frequently write about labour market, employment and for some of them these topics are the key ones they almost don’t mention the employment of persons with disabilities. It is mentioned together with such topics connected with disability as health, rehabilitation living conditions. 6% of publications in internet media and 8% in printed media are about employment of persons with disability.

According to researchers, the topic of employment of persons with disability is not included to information agenda of a day. Even when an article is about disabled people this topic is not included. When it is mentioned in media it is more likely to be by accident.

Almost a half of few materials mentioning the topic of employment of persons with disability don’t show any problems, they are of descriptive or presentational character. Among the problems in the sphere of employment of persons with disabilities the following problems are mentioned more often than others: lack of qualification by applicants with disabilities, provision of necessary working facilities and imperfection of legal norms regulating the issues of employment.