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The initiative of NGO “Republican association of wheelchair-bound disabled” and “Belarusbank” “Kind Button”


There are about 20000 wheelchair-bound disabled in the Republic of Belarus.

They all are potential work force (engineers, salespersons, accountants etc.). But, due to different reasons, mainly because of the USSR’s heritage, practically all of them do not have a job, they complain about their lives and do no imagine how they can have a good life in such difficult conditions. Because sometimes they have to learn again how to move, take care of their health, eat and get dressed…

Every year 400 persons become wheelchair-bound disabled.

NGO “Republican association of wheelchair-bound disabled” is the unique and the only organization (NGO and not funded by the budget) which is solving the problems of such disabled. All the work of the organization is aimed at one main goal – to make the life of wheelchair-bound disabled in Belarus full and independent, to include them in the life of socium.

The joint project of NGO “Republican association of wheelchair-bound disabled” and “Belarusbank” “Kind Button” is aimed at raising money for holding events on active rehabilitation of wheelchair-bound disabled.

Financial aid rendered by every not indifferent person will be used for:

·    Teaching persons with spinal cord damages the specific of the medical problem
·    Teaching the skills of self-service
·    Teaching wheelchair-bound disabled skills of driving the wheelchair of active type; organization of the living space of a wheelchair-bound person
·    Psychological assistance in solving problems of family and intimate character
·    Teaching the laws concerning disabled and disability
·    Solving the problems of independent living of disabled
·    Barrier-free construction
·    In every ATM (informational kiosk) of “Belarusbank” there is one special charity button with the help of which, by pushing it, every owner of plastic card of “Belarusbank” can transfer any amount of money for charity (to the account of NGO “Republican association of wheelchair-bound disabled”)
More information at http://raik.by